Benefits of Boxercise

July 5, 2017


Many times as a Boxercise Instructor,  I have heard people don't want to join in because boxing is "too manly" or they want to go for a run on the treadmill to improve their cardio. Well I have news for all of the people thinking this. BOXING IS ONE OF THE BEST WORKOUTS YOU CAN DO! Let me tell you why....



Instead of sticking to the treadmill come to a Boxercise class. Its a full body workout that will get your heart pumping. The explosive punching works the body aerobically and helps develop the fast-twitch fibres. The classes are also supported by moves that professional boxers use to train e.g. shuttle runs, skipping and body weight exercise - these will work the heart and lungs and burn the calories.



Hard day at work? Partner driving you crazy? Punch that pent up anger away! Instead of letting a stressful day get to you and grabbing a glass (bottle) of wine bring that energy to a class and use it to drive you further. Release that stress with each punch and get fit while doing it.... I'll take that over the wine.



A lot of women are afraid to lift weights in a fear of getting bulky/masculine. Boxing is a great way to achieve that lean muscle look. The quick paced punches not only target the arms, they also target the back and core. Each punch at the intense pace is increasing your endurance and burning the fat therefore sculpting your muscles. The stance is helping work the lower body as well, holding it while taking each punch, each pivot when doing a cross all tightening the core and strengthening the glutes (bum) helping to improve our balance and prevent back pain.


All in all. Boxercise is a great form of exercise that gets you out of the gym, works the whole body and leaves you feeling great after a hard workout!



WARNING! Boxercise will become addictive. Even Cats like doing it. 


If you fancy giving Boxercise a try, book on with us at LC Fitness Today. 



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