What the hell is DOMS and how do I get rid of it?

April 3, 2017

Woken up a couple of days after an intense workout barely able to walk? Holding onto walls to get on to the toilet? Going down the stairs on your bottom? Sounds like DOMS.


What is DOMS?

DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness - is caused by a small tear in the muscle, caused during exercise. 


Is anyone immune to DOMS?

Simple answer, no; no one is immune to muscle soreness. The more you do of an exercise, the more your body becomes accustomed to it and the muscles strengthen. And this is when the pain eases. 


Of course, by this stage the exercises will be becoming too easy and you will want to up the weights, so the circle starts again. 


How do I get rid of the pain?

Unfortunately there's no quick fix to getting rid of DOMS. For some people it can last a couple of days, others up to a week. There has been no proven fix, but personally I have found that foam rolling and stretching after exercising helps. Others believe in ice baths or using saunas.


It's important after a workout to make sure you cool down, stretch and foam roll. This will help prevent the muscle soreness being so extreme. Also, make sure you stay hydrated and rest. If resting is something you can't do and you constantly want to be active, try swimming!


The important thing for beginners is when you are experiencing DOMS for the first time do not give up. It will become easier in the gym and you will get used to and maybe even learn to love the feeling of DOMS. As they say No Pain, No Gain!


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