• Lauren Clapp

The Negatives of Social Media and Weight Loss Products

Lets talk about social media. Social media is a great thing in some ways: you can keep updated with friends from all around the world, see what your favourite celebrities are up to, and share amazing photos with your friends. But it also has major problems. 

I’m just sat on the train while writing this, scrolling through recommended posts on Instagram, when I see ‘celebrities’ endorsing products such as BoomBod helping them “get the ideal body”, claiming that taking these shakes will make you lose weight. As much as we all wish that losing weight was that easy, it isn’t. 

The solution is quite simple really - eat well while remaining in a calorie deficit and exercise. 

These products claim to be “free from laxatives” and to “reduce bloating”, however one of the main ingredients is Glucomannan which in itself is a water-soluble dietary fibre. This means that many people, as a side effect from taking this, can get diarrhoea and bloating. 

So while you may think you’ve lost weight by taking these products, in reality it is usually just water weight that you have lost and will usually put back on. 

Young girls predominantly follow these ‘influencers’ and listen to their advice. These people are promoting products that they know nothing about just to make a quick bit of money.  

Some of these people have even fallen pregnant while on these products, even when they’re on the pill. Due to the laxative effects it can have, this can leave the pill ineffective and as a result young women are having unwanted pregnancies, all while trying to lose weight fast. 

So before considering these “easy fix products”, ask yourself if they are worth risking your health. 

Instead make sure you eat healthily, up your daily fruit and veg intake, maintain in a calorie deficit, and exercise!



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