• Lauren Clapp

Get Fighting Fit with Boxercise

Talking about boxing conjures up images of sweaty gyms, even sweatier men, black eyes, and bloody noses - but there is definitely more to it than that.

Those boxing gyms certainly do still exist, but these days there are other ways of getting your boxing fix without the risk of head injuries, making it suitable for all ages and abilities.

Boxing is a fantastic all-round exercise that gives a brilliant cardio work-out, helping you maintain a healthy heart. Alongside interval-based training and a nutritious, balanced diet, the calories you burn (up to 420 per hour) can also aid weight loss.

But the benefits aren't all physical; boxing is also great for keeping your mind healthy too. It aids concentration, coordination and focus, as well as helping tackle stress, anger, anxiety, and issues with self-esteem and confidence.

Of course, working out isn't always fun - we all have those evenings when we would rather be curled up on the sofa watching Bake Off. But joining fitness classes such as Boxercise provides a fun, enthusiastic and supportive atmosphere, all while utilising training methods used by boxers.

Boxercise classes use gloves and pads, combining boxing with body weight exercises for the most effective work out. Yes, it's challenging, but it's fun too, and it's suitable for all ages, genders, and fitness levels.

LC Fitness classes are run by a fully qualified Boxercise instructor at the new Station Yard fitness studio.

Or why not give one of the other boxing-related classes on offer: LC HIIT Box (high-intensity interval training using weighted gloves and shadow boxing) or LC Beatbox (again using the weighted gloves, but this time combining shadow boxing, body weight exercises all to music—think Dancefit versus boxing).



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